Building Specialties and Interior
Division 9 & 10

Product Offering

  • Commercial Toilet Accessories and Toilet Partitions
  • Sierra, Duraline, Metro and Accent Series Toilet Partitions
  • Contura, Trimline and Classic Series Toilet Accessories
  • Warm-air Hand Dryers: QuietDry, AirCraft and Eclipse
  • SureFlo Soap Dispensers



Product Offering

  • Baby Changing Stations
  • Child Safety Products
  • Family Friendly Restroom Accessories
  • Diaper Vendors
  • Child Seating Products



Product Offering

  • Commercial Stainless Steel Restroom Accessories
  • Grab Bars
  • Mirrors
  • Warm-air Hand Dryers
  • Made in the USA Products
  • Can Comply with LEED certification requirements
  • Product catalog



Product Offering

  • European-inspired Toilet Compartments and Cubicles
  • Maximum Privacy Design
  • Plastic Laminate, Color-Core and Wood Veneer Decors
  • Made in the USA for Quality and Rapid Delivery
  • Case Study


Proven Performance

West Block Parliament and the Visitor Welcome Center

Bronx Community College in New York City

Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center